By John Jeffrey Hester; et al

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The Complete Idiot's Guide to Astronomy, 2nd edition, 2001

Client consultant to fashionable astronomy, with steps for taking on astronomy as a pastime, or heavily. provides information for getting and utilizing state of the art telescopes, and publications for exploring the skies. contains information regarding the overseas area Station. Softcover.

Relativistic celestial mechanics of the Solar System

This authoritative e-book provides the theoretical improvement of gravitational physics because it applies to the dynamics of celestial our bodies and the research of distinctive astronomical observations. In so doing, it fills the necessity for a textbook that teaches glossy dynamical astronomy with a robust emphasis at the relativistic facets of the topic produced via the curved geometry of 4-dimensional spacetime.

The Observer's Year - 366 Nights in the Universe

There are 365 nights in each year (366 in a intercalary year! ) and from an beginner astronomer’s viewpoint, no are alike. and that's why Sir Patrick Moore – the world’s most generally recognized and revered television broadcaster and author on astronomy – has produced this particular ebook to spotlight certain gadgets of curiosity on every evening of the yr.

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Spring turns into summer, summer turns into autumn, autumn turns into winter, and winter turns into spring. The rhythms of nature produce patterns in our lives, and we count on these patterns for our very survival. If nature did not behave according to regular patterns, then our lives—indeed, life itself—would not be possible. The patterns that make our lives possible also make science possible. The goal of science is to identify and characterize these patterns and to use them to understand the world around us.

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Some theories become so well tested and are of such fundamental importance that we come to refer to them as physical laws. A scientific principle is a general idea or sense about how the universe is that guides our construction of new theories. Occam’s razor, for example, is a guiding principle in science stating that when we are faced with two hypotheses that explain a particular phenomenon equally well, 10 Chapter 1 Why Learn Astronomy? we should adopt the simpler of the two. At the heart of modern astronomy is another principle: the cosmological principle.

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