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When the day’s work was done, the lord and his family amused themselves with sports, such as hunting and jousting. Hunting took many forms, some of which continue today. The most noble was hawking—sending tame birds of prey to swoop down and capture smaller birds. Hunting with dogs was popular, too. The hawks, dogs, and other hunting animals were highly prized, and they lived a better life than many poor people. Jousting was the most glamorous sport, though. Swinging bait to recall hawks You are here Between the keep and the gateway to the lower bailey were the castle gardens.

WINE TASTER ALE CONNER More ale! The ale conner Ale did not keep well, so brewing went on all the time. The castle brewed some of its own ale but also bought barrels of ale in the market. To satisfy the thirsty occupants of the largest castles, the carter hauled wagonloads of ale through the castle gates. Testing the purity of beer was the job of the ale conner. He poured a pool of ale onto a wooden bench and then sat in it. The ale passed the test if his leather britches were not stuck to the bench after half an hour.

Here, the bottler dispensed the wine. This word has been changed to butler today. 8 10 9 11 Baker’s dozen Peasants had to bake their bread in the castle oven. They paid the lord in loaves for the use of the oven, and paid a fine if the reeve (village policeman) caught them baking at home. Cellarer tasting the wine Kneading bread dough 11 35 Medieval meals I n medieval times, there were no freezers to keep food fresh, but unless there was a natural disaster or a siege, fresh food was easy to come by.

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