By Peter A. Chew

This dissertation offers a coherent, synchronic, broad-coverage, generative phonology of Russian. I try out the grammar empirically in a couple of how one can ensure its goodness of healthy to Russian. In taking this procedure, I goal to prevent making untested (or even incoherent) generalizations in accordance with just a handful of examples. normally, the exams convey that there are exceptions to the speculation, yet no less than we all know what the exceptions are, a baseline is decided opposed to which destiny theories should be measured, and regularly the proportion of remarkable circumstances is diminished to under 5%. The valuable theoretical results of the paintings are as follows. First, I convey that every one of the phonological or morphophonological procedures reviewed should be defined through a grammar not more strong than context-free. Secondly, i take advantage of probabilistic constraints within the syllable constitution grammar to provide an explanation for why constraints on word-marginal onsets and codas are weaker than on word-internal onsets and codas. I argue that the good points [+/- preliminary] and [+/- final], and extraprosodicity, are pointless for this function.

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D<#<&<2! +

Rj’an} Initial CCR, cf. {skr,ip} Final R, initial CR, cf. {slep} Initial CC, cf. {svet} Final R, initial C Final J, initial C Initial CR, cf. {slep} Final R, initial R Initial CJ, cf. {djak} Initial CJ, cf. {djak} Now consider clusters of the types CJ, RJ, and JC. Table 3 shows that CJ and RJ occur initially but not finally, and JC occurs finally but not initially. The SSG, of course, has an explanation for this: the segment-types C and R are lower in sonority than segment-type J, thus CJ and RJ rise in sonority, while JC falls in sonority.

Furthermore, Kahn makes no reference at all in these rules to sonority. ’. Sonority and Kahn’s approach are not opposed in principle. 46 Kahn then proposes that word-initial consonant clusters should be syllabified with the first syllable of the word, and word-final consonant clusters with the last syllable. The syllabification of word-initial and word-final clusters is more straightforward than that of word-medial clusters, because there is an inherent ambiguity with any word-medial cluster as to where one syllable ends and the next begins.

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