By Mark Twain

Hank Morgan reveals himself transported to darkish a while England—where he's instantly captured and sentenced to loss of life at Camelot. thankfully, he’s quick-witted, and within the strategy of saving his existence he turns himself right into a megastar of the top magnitude—winning himself the placement of leading minister in addition to the lasting enmity of Merlin.

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Because the territories agents canvassed included so many people who lived in remote areas, for example, travel books, like the five Twain wrote, were a major staple of any subscription publisher’s list. Because subscription books were considerably more expensive than trade books, they had to be long (five to six hundred pages was typical), and their relatively less sophisticated buyers also expected lots of pictures. “About 300 Illustrations by Dan Beard” is what the promotional announcements for Connecticut Yankee promised potential subscribers; the novel in fact contained 221, almost all of which are included in this Barnes & Noble edition.

By contrast the New World, the nineteenth-century America from which Hank comes, is defined by freedom of religion, a democratic political system, the free enterprise of capitalism, the free inquiry of the scientific method. ” When he looks at the past through Hank’s eyes, everything he sees seems to confirm that faith. At least that is the way Connecticut Yankee was read in its time. “A book that appeals to all true Americans,” “a book that every man, woman, and child in this country should read and be proud of,” “thoroughly patriotic”—so claimed the ads for the novel in 1889.

Hyde, published in 1886. According to Twain’s Boswell, Albert Bigelow Paine, the biographer who was with him as he lay dying in 1910, Twain’s very last conversation concerned “one of his old subjects, Dual Personality ... ” Even at the end the questions raised by Hank’s public success apparently remained unanswered. ” He says here that he doesn’t know the name of that other self, but we could call him Mark Twain. After all, the first person whom Twain took on an incredible journey was Clemens himself.

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