By Professor (Chair) Randy J Lapolla, Chenglong Huang

Qiang is a Tibeto-Burman language of southwest China, spoken via approximately 70,000 Qiang and Tibetan humans in northern Sichuan Province. This publication, the 1st book-length description of the Qiang language in English, comprises not just the reference grammar, but additionally an ethnological assessment, numerous absolutely analyzed texts (mostly conventional tales) and an annotated word list. The language is verb ultimate, and agglutinative (prefixing and suffixing), with a really complicated phonological procedure and either head-marking and established marking morphology. it is going to be of use to typologists, comparativists, Sino-Tibetanists, anthropologists, and linguists more often than not.

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Dytå ÆChengdufl + lå (LOC) > dytå: Æin/at Chengdufl + lå (LOC) > q˙påt®å: Æat the headfl d. q˙påt® Æheadfl Æto gofl + å: (PRS) > kå: Æwill gofl e. g. 2. Diphthongs and triphthongs Aside from the monophthongs listed above, there are fourteen native diphthongs (/ia, iå, ie, ye, eu, ˙u, ei, ˙i, oi, uå, ua, u˙, ue, ui/) and one native triphthong (/u˙i/). 2). 4). Among the native diphthongs there are both on-glides and off-glides. 3). Aside from these native forms, there are two off-glide diphthongs (/ai/, /au/) and two triphthongs (/uai/, /iåu/) that appear only in Chinese loan words (see examples below).

Previous work on Qiang Fieldwork on Qiang and initial analysis was first carried out by Wen Yu in the late 1930’s (Wen 1940, 1941, 1943a, 1943b, 1943c, 1945). Wen also did some initial comparisons and historical work on the language (1943b, 1947), and published two vocabularies of Qiang (1950, 1951). Chang Kun (1967) used Wen’s data for a comparative study of the southern Qiang dialects, and attempted to reconstruct the protolanguage. In the late 1950’s the Chinese Academy of Sciences organized teams of linguists to go to the different areas where ethnic minority peoples lived and carry out fieldwork.

The bride then stays at her parents’ house for a year or so, until the birth of the first child or at least until around the time of the Qiang New Year (see below). The groom will visit her there and may live in the woman’s house. She returns to her husband’s family to celebrate the birth or the New Year, and stays there permanently. In recent years there has been movement away from traditional style marriage ceremonies towards more Han Chinese style or ChineseWestern-Qiang mixed style marriage ceremonies.

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