By Charles E. Bennett

Charles E. Bennett's vintage Latin reference grammar first seemed within the past due 1800's. Even this present day it really is nonetheless a favored selection for top university and undergraduate scholars. This reprint is a fascimile of the 1908 revised version.

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Lyang-gur] QW ... courier xìnshĭ [hsin-shur] YU course: of course dāngrán [dahn-grahn] IO of course not dāngrán bù gur] qw (younger than speaker) biăodì er (son of father’s brother: older than speaker) tángxiōng [tahnghsyoong] ty (younger than speaker) tángdì ui (daughter of mother’s brother: older than speaker) biáojiĕ [byow-jyeh] op (younger than speaker) biăomèi [byow-may] [] (daughter of father’s brother: older [tahng-may] DF cow năiniú [nain-yoh] GH crab pángxiè [pahng-hsyeh] JK craft shop gōngyìpĭn shāngdiàn [goong-yee-pin shahng-dyen] L:"as crash (noun: vehicle) zhuàng chē [jwahng chur] ~!

Qù de xià (yì) bān chē shì jídiăn? [dow ... chew dur hsyah (yee) bahn chur shur jee-dyen] u ... []ASDFGH JK sur] @# bus station gōnggòng qìchē zŏngzhàn [goong-goong cheechur dzoong-jahn] $%^&*( bus stop gōnggòng qìchē zhàn [jahn] )_+|` busy (road etc) rènào [rur-now] 12 (person) hĕn máng [hun mahng] 34 I’m busy tomorrow wŏ míngtian hĕn máng [wor mingtyen hun mahng] [jay lyang chur chew ... mah] no, you need a numberâ•‚... 56789 but kĕshi [kur-shur] 0butcher’s ròu diàn [roh dyen] =\ butter huángyóu [hwahng-yoh] QW button niŭkòu [nyoh-koh] ER buy măi T where can I buyâ•‚...?

Cheers! (toast) gānbēi! [gahnbay] @# cheese năilào [nai-low] $% chemist’s yàofáng [yowfahng] ^& cherry yīngtao [ying-tow] *( chess guójì xiàngqí [gwor-jee hsyang-chee] )_+| to play chess xià qí [hsyah chee] `1 Chinese chess xiàngqí [chah] ABCDEFGHIJKLCh zhàngdān jiănchá yíxià, hāo ma? [ching bah jahng-dahn jyen- [hsyang-chee] English ➜ Chinese check: could you check theâ•‚bill, please? @#$%^ chocolate qiăokèlì [chyowkur-lee] &*( milk chocolate năiyóu qiăokèlì [nai-yoh] )_+|` plain chocolate chún ABCDEFGHIJKLCh qiăokèlì 1234 a hot chocolate yì bēi rè qiăokèlì (yĭnliào) [bay rur – (yinlyow)] 567890-=\Q choose xuăn [hsyew-ahn] W chopsticks kuàizi [kwai-dzur] ER Christmas Shèngdàn jié [shungdahn jyeh] TYU Christmas Eve Shèngdànqiányè [–chyen-yur] IOP{ Merry Christmas!

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