By B. Ghosh

Классическая грамматика Языка Пали выдающегося немецкого филолога, востоковеда, специализирующегося на индийских и иранских языках, Вильгельма Гейгера, изданная впервые в Германии ещё в 1916 году, и с тех пор выдержавшая множество переизданий.
«Pali Grammar» by means of Wilhelm Geiger translated into English by means of Batakrishne Ghosh.
«Revised variation of the well known paintings by means of the good German student, trying to go well with the wishes of either lecturers and beginners.
In this model inclusive of an creation entitled «What is Pali?» by way of Prof R.F. Gombrich, the dense paragraphs of the unique were separated out and the variety of references reduced.»

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Bay chalè To tease. Bay fòm To shape. Bay bouden To tell lies; to deceive. Bay chans 1. To bring luck. 2. To give a break. Bay chenn 1. To wind (a watch). 2. o. to reveal something by insinuation. Bay dyapòt To vomit. Bay egzeyat To release (a patient from a hospital). Bay baryè To put obstacles to, to hamper, to block. Bay fil 1. o. get ahead. 2. o. enough rope to hang himself. Bay gabèl To give odds, to give a head start, an advantage. Bay jòf 1. To give a peek 2. To expose what was 23 not supposed to be seen.

Ki bagay? What? Yon lòt bagay Something else. 2. Genitals. bagèt la n Stick, rod, wand, drum stick; type of drum. Bagèt ginen A grotesquely twisted drum stick (COURLANDER). bajou 1 n Lè bajou kase At dawn. bajou a, bajòl la, majòl la 2 n Double chin. B bakoko Yon bakoko A heap, a pile, a lot. Yon bakoko rad lesiv A heap of clothes to clean (laundry). bakon an n Huge shed where products are temporarily stored before shipping. bakonyè a n Con man, schemer, woman-chaser, one who tries to trick women; trickster in general.

Chomaj lage’m lan blèg My unemployment is causing me trouble. o. with, to give plenty. M’blende’l ak kou I beat the hell out of him. Li blende ak lajan He is filthy rich. blakbòl la, plakbòl la n Shoe polish. blenm, blèm attrib 1. Pale, colorless. 2. Boring, simple, uninteresting. Ou fè tròp tenten, ou blenm You do too many foolish things; you’re boring. blakin nan n Shoe polish. From E. Blacking*. blero a, bleyo a, bliyo a n Shaving brush. 27 blese vt To wound, to hurt, to injure; to offend; to wound one’s self.

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