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Aphids on the World s Herbaceous Plants and Shrubs

Aphids are famous as pests of agriculture, horticulture and forestry, yet also they are probably the most biologically fascinating teams of plant-feeding bugs, and therefore have attracted the eye of biologists in lots of learn fields similar to ecology, biodiversity, body structure, behaviour and genetics.

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Other types of multicellular hairs arising from the floor of the cavity are called paraphyses. 10. Some of paraphyses are branched and hold one or more antheridia at the tips of the branches. 11. Each antheridium has a thick wall made of two layers. 12. On maturity about 64 biflagellate antherozoids are produced. ~~ A A wall of the •• conceptacle antheridium Fig. 7. Sargassum. A-B. A. s. through male receptacle, B. A male conceptacle as shown in fig. B enlarged. Fig. 8. Sargassum. A-B. A. s.

Exercise 5 Object : Study of zygote. Study a slide showing anteridia. Work procedure Comments Study a slide showing zygote. 1. Filaments are mostly monoecious but a few species are dioecious. 2. Sexual reproduction is oogamous. 3. Male reproductive bodies are antheridia and female reproductive bodies are oogonia. 4. The antheridia and oogonia are borne side by side on the same filament. Sex organs are Comments 1. Zygote is the result of fertilization. 2. It is present inside the oogonium. 3. It is a thick walled structure being made of 3-7 layers.

S. of male conceptacle. Comments 1. Plants may be monoecious or dioecious. 2. Antheridia are found in male conceptacles. 3. Conceptacles occur only in specialized branch system called receptacle or receptacular branch. 4. Male conceptacles are externally smooth. 5. Many conceptacles are found in a male receptacular branch. 6. Each conceptacle is a flask-shaped cavity opening by a pore called ostiole. 7. Wall of the conceptacle is made of small and flat cells rich in chromatophores. 8. Numerous multicellular hairs arising from near the ostiole project outside.

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