By David [L. A. Selby-Bigge, ed.] Hume

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And this we the relations of interest and duty, by which men influence each other in society, and are plac d in the ties of government and subordination. master is such-a-one as by his situation, arising either from A force agreement, has a power of directing in or particulars the actions of another, who whom we in all disputed cases can certaift call servant. A by his opinion the possession or property of any thing betwixt any members When a person is possess d of any power, of the society. there is no more required to convert it into action, but the judge is one, exertion of the will possible, and in ; and fix that in every case is consider d as as probable ; especially in the case of the obedience of the subject is a pleasure many where and advantage to the superior.

The only difficulty, chat can remain on this subject, must be with regard to that custom, which so readily recalls every particular idea, for which we may have occasion, and is ex cited by any word or sound, The most proper method, to which we commonly annex it. opinion, of giving a satis factory explication of this act of the mind, is by producing other instances, which are analogous to it, and other principles, in my facilitate its operation. To explain the ultimate causes Tis sufficient, if we can of our mental actions is impossible.

Here then is a sensible But of difference betwixt one species of ideas and another. cannot without more There fully hereafter this ideas of the faint ideas *. another difference betwixt these two kinds of is which ideas, difficulty is no less evident, their correspondent impressions the way namely that tho neither the memory nor imagination, neither the lively nor can make their appearance in the mind, unless have gone before to prepare is not restrain d to the for them, yet the imagination same order and form with the original impressions; while the memory is in a manner ty d down in that respect, without any power of variation.

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