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Прогулка в лесу книжка-раскраска , четыре времени года , наблюдения за жизнью растений , животных и птиц.Accomplished illustrator and nature author Dot Barlowe takes you on a gorgeous journey of the 4 seasons, stating with nice inventive and verbal abilities the various mysteries of nature--from sightings of spring flora and birds to notable existence underneath pond ice. An unique and informative e-book for nature fans and colorists of every age.

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Scientific explanations, derived from natural laws, dominated the world of nonliving matter, on Earth as well as in the heavens. Supernatural explanations that depended on the unfathomable deeds of the Creator accounted for the origin and configuration of living creatures—the most diversified, complex and interesting realities of the world. It was Darwin’s genius to resolve this conceptual schizophrenia. He completed the Copernican Revolution by drawing out for biology the notion of nature as a lawful system of matter in motion that human reason can explain without recourse to supernatural agencies.

Natural selection Darwin’s ground-breaking theory of natural selection explains the incremental process that has been occurring for millions and millions of years, since there was life—that is, organisms that reproduce—on Earth. Natural selection accounts for evolution because adaptive changes accumulate or replace less adaptive ones over eons. It accounts for the diversification of species, because different variants may be more or less advantageous at different times or in different places. Most fundamentally, it accounts for the “design” of organisms and their features.

It provides an understanding of the constantly evolving bacteria, viruses and other pathogenic organisms, and enables the development of effective new ways to protect ourselves against the diseases they cause. Knowledge of evolution has made possible improvements in agriculture and medicine, and has been applied in many fields outside biology; for example, in software engineering, where genetic algorithms seek to mimic evolutionary processes, and chemistry, where the principles of natural selection are used for developing new molecules with specific functions.

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