By Alastair Morgan

During this very important and fascinating e-book, Alastair Morgan deals a close exam of the concept that of lifestyles in Adorno’s philosophy. He relates Adorno’s proposal during this context to a few key thinkers within the historical past of continental philosophy, together with Marx, Hegel, Heidegger and Agamben, and gives a controversy for the relevance and value of Adorno’s severe philosophy of lifestyles first and foremost of the twenty-first century.

Crucially, Morgan bargains a brand new framework for figuring out the relation among suggestions of existence and a severe philosophy.

The suggestion of lifestyles has formerly obtained little realization in Adorno scholarship. but it is a continuing topic and challenge working all through Adorno’s paintings, from his early opinions of life-philosophies to his past due philosophy of metaphysical adventure because the chance of existence. the concept that Adorno’s philosophy is short of or missing in a basic ontology has been the topic of loads of serious cognizance, yet this has hardly been tested via an research of the concept that of lifestyles. in addition, philosophies of lifestyles have obvious a resurgence in recent times (particularly with a renewed curiosity in Bergson’s philosophy through the severe reception of Deleuze’s philosophy).

Adorno’s thought of Life is an important and well timed research that provides a particular interpretation of Adorno’s philosophy, and may be of vital curiosity to an individual engaged on Adorno.

Furthermore, it presents a strong interpretation of the severe strength of Adorno’s philosophy, that may give a contribution to the renewed curiosity within the idea of lifestyles inside modern philosophy.

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Adorno’s Concept of Life

During this vital and fascinating booklet, Alastair Morgan bargains a close exam of the idea that of existence in Adorno’s philosophy. He relates Adorno’s notion during this context to a few key thinkers within the historical past of continental philosophy, together with Marx, Hegel, Heidegger and Agamben, and gives a controversy for the relevance and significance of Adorno’s severe philosophy of lifestyles at the start of the twenty-first century.

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It is the distinctive mode of experience within modernity that it has lost its relation to tradition. Benjamin argues that the increasing technological sophistication of society has produced forms of communication which have atrophied the possibility of experience, in the sense of Erfahrung. The replacement of narration by information has atrophied the possibility of authority in the tradition of communicable experience. Alongside this are the increasing shocks, both on an everyday basis and on a larger basis in modern society, which do not enable the individual to assimilate experiences in modern society.

The horror of death in which each individual is replaceable and forgettable holds up a mirror to the deathlike processes within a reified society. Second, this process can no longer be overcome in Heideggerean terrns by the adoption of an attitude or authentic appropriation of the possibility of death. 1t is not that in modernity there is a wilful repression of the fact of death, which has superseded more authentic ways of relating to death, but, rather, the revelation of the death in life in the camps at Auschwitz introduces an indetermination between life and death.

The individual becomes a specimen, an item that can be universally transferred and exchanged. Adorno and Horkheimer argue in the following way in Dialectic ofEnlightenment: 'Representation gives way to universaI fungibility. ,5 What Auschwitz reveals as the apotheosis of this pro cess is this universal fungibility applied to humans rather th an objects or animais. In the camps there is the incarnation of a form of life which is exchangeable and completely reduced to a bare existent. The philosopher who has developed Adorno's thinking on Auschwitz and on survival, life and death after Auschwitz most recently is Giorgio Agamben, in his concept ofbare life and his account of the life in the camps of the Muselmann.

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