By Gaetano D Gargiulo; Alistair McEwan

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Medical data has been analyzed with DTW recently. ECG is one of the most common signals in health care environment, so most researches focus on ECG signal analysis. DTW was applied to ECG segmentation first since segmenting the ECG automatically is the foundation for abnormal conduction detection and all analysis tasks. DTW based single lead method achieve smaller mean error with higher standard deviation than two-lead Laguna’s method. (Vullings 1998) DTW A sample waveform is denoted as {xi(j) , I ≤j ≤J}, and an unknown frame of the signal as {x(i), I ≤ i ≤ I).

The characteristics of this pulse wave can be summarized as following: Low pulse pressure Low cardiac output At least half of the waveform is around the base line Sharp and narrow systolic component No diastolic component - Fig. 1. Pulse wave for patient with Old myocardial infarction and degenerative valvular disease Pulse Wave Analysis 35 The above pulse wave is collected from a patient with old myocardial infarction and degenerative valvular disease. He has chest distress and ictal thoracalgia for eighteen years.

Researches show that Stiffness Index has equivalent output as PWV. It uses the reflection of the pulse as the second source to get the time difference without additional sensors which make it more applicable to the Home Monitoring System. As shown in figure 1, the systolic top shows the time that pulse reach the finger; diastolic top represents the time that pulse reflection reach the finger. The distance that pulse goes through has direct relationship with the height of the subject. SI can be calculated by h/Δt.

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