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10 Frequency shifts of a few parts in loQhave been observed by deliberately introducing sidebands unsymmetrically placed about the carrier. 23. The square root of the power spectrum of a 10 Mc quartz oscillator multiplied, in effect, to 15,000 Me. Notice the 60 cps sidebands. The crystal in this oscillator is immersed in liquid helium. frequency. It is both more desirable and much simpler to eliminate thew sidebands so that the simple line shape theory applies. The square root of the power spectrum of a 5 Mc quartz crystal oscillator multiplied in frequency to 23,900 Mc is shown in Fig.

C) The Rtom sees a finite portion of a cosine wave as it passes through the radiation field region. It enters the field at t = 0 and leaves at time r. A substantial simplification can be made in the calculaticn without serious discrepancies in the results if it is assumed that the dipole moment interacts with a rotating field rather than an oscillating field. Instead of Eq. (61), write x'(t)= -I . (H cos wti - H sin w t j ) , (62) w where the z-axis is chosen along Hot the uniform C field, and H rotates with angular velocity w in the x,y-plane.

There are a number of advantages to this method over the Rabi method. The Ramsey method improves the resolution of the spectrometer. It does not require as high a degree of uniformity of the static C field. It has a practical advantage when observing very high frequency transitions! Two short oscillating fields separated by 8 This is not strictly true. The moment of an atom as it passes through the A deflecting magnet will not differ from its moment in the B deflecting field for AF = 0,Amp = f 1 (mp # Z &) transitions if the deflecting fields are strong.

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