By Lama Yeshe, Lama Zopa Rinpoche,

In those talks, Lama Yeshe and Lama Zopa Rinpoche clarify the nice merits of training Dharma as an ordained individual, find out how to maintain the ordination natural, the aim of the monastic group, the way to dwell jointly as clergymen and nuns, and masses extra. the need for the lay neighborhood to help the Sangha is additionally made transparent, and never in simple terms priests and nuns yet lay practitioners, too, will achieve a lot via studying this publication.

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But you are so well educated, it’s not good if you don’t take care of yourselves. Of course, if you are from a rich family, you can ask them to support you. But if your parents are not well off, it is not their responsibility to take care of you. This just does not happen in Western culture. Whether you have money or not, in the monastery you should give up your selfish needs and work to help others as much as you can. This is so important. Unless you can’t see the benefit of having a community of monks or nuns.

But as soon as you start to practice, to meditate on, the three principal paths— especially the basic one, renunciation—your mind becomes more powerful than external objects. The moment you begin to apply the teachings of the Buddha in daily life, your mind starts to become more powerful than external objects and can overcome their attraction, no matter what those objects may be: living page 52 Lama Yeshe Wis d om Archive: Adv ice for Monks and Nuns beings or non-living things, handsome people, beautiful flowers, whatever.

What makes a great yogi is dedication to others. Without dedication to others, there’s no way for you to become a great yogi or yogini. It’s impossible. Maybe you think that serving others is impractical, that it doesn’t work. It works, it works. There is less pain in your mind. If somebody asks you for a cup of tea, for some help, instead of pain, anger, and irritation, you feel bliss. If you get angry when someone asks for your help, it shows you page 38 Lama Yeshe Wis d om Archive: Adv ice for Monks and Nuns have no dedication.

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