By Beverly Moran

With the threat of prosecution after his time period is over and the potential for disbarment in Arkansas striking over President Clinton, the Clinton-Lewinsky scandal and the occasions that experience it convey no signal of abating. The query has turn into what to do, and the way to imagine, approximately these 8 months. Did the President lie or was once it believable that he had in truth testified to no sexual dating? was once the activity look for Monica simply support for a pal or a sinister technique of acquiring silence? no matter if the entire fees have been precise, did impeachment stick to or was once censure sufficient? And what are the lasting repercussions at the workplace of the Presidency? Aftermath: The Clinton Impeachment and the Presidency within the Age of Political Spectacle takes a multi-disciplinary method of learn the Clinton impeachment from political views around the spectrum. The authors try and tease out the meanings of the scandal from the vantage aspect of legislations, faith, public opinion, and politics, either public and private. extra, the impeachment itself is located greatly in the modern American liberal kingdom and mined for the contradictory probabilities for reconciliation it finds in our tradition. members: David T. Canon, John Cooper, Drucilla Cornell, Jean Bethke Elshtain, Robert W. Gordon, Lawrence Joseph, Leonard V. Kaplan, David Kennedy, Kenneth R. Mayer, Beverly I. Moran, Father Richard John Neuhaus, David Novak, Linda Denise Oakley, Elizabeth Rapaport, Lawrence Rosen, Eric Rothstein, Aviam Soifer, Lawrence M. Solan, Cass R. Sunstein, Stephen Toulmin, Leon Trakman, Frank Tuerkheimer, Mark V. Tushnet, Andrew D. Weiner, Robin L. West.

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16 cass r. sunstein The same processes should be at work for political, legal, and moral questions; in fact we can easily imagine political, legal, and moral cascades, global warming cascades, racism cascades, religion cascades, even proimpeachment and anti-impeachment cascades. The same process may work for political candidates, as a fad develops in favor of one or another—a cascade “up” or “down,” with victory-producing or ruinous consequences. Sometimes people are not entirely sure whether affirmative action is a good idea, whether capital punishment should be imposed, whether the Constitution protects the right to have an abortion, whether it is wrong to litter or to smoke, whether God exists, whether perjury counts as a high crime or misdemeanor.

She found Clinton’s conduct to be an “abuse of power” but not one that would lead feminists to call for resignation or impeachment: Consensual sex with a White House intern is an abuse of power by the president, but consensual sex is not illegal harassment and it is not an impeachable offense . . 6 Little public attention was paid to another relevant and available model for critique of Clinton’s affair with the intern, namely, antifraternization regulations imposed in hierarchical organizations like the armed forces, some civilian workplaces, and schools and universities.

What was asserted was an identity, a collapse of one into the other. By definition nothing “personal” was exempt from political definition, direction, and manipulation—neither sexual intimacy, nor love, nor parenting. ” Now let’s turn to one of the areas of contention in which women figure centrally, arenas in which women are absolutely key players, that of cultural representations of men and women that tap into what might be called the emotional and ethical center of gravity for women and men respectively.

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