By Greg Young

During this attractive biography, youngsters will examine the interesting existence, theories, and discoveries of Alfred Wegener. From his time in Greenland learning meteorology with scorching balloons to his conception of Pangea, readers should be wanting to study extra approximately Wegener's contributions to technology and the strides he took in the direction of constructing the research of plate tectonics. The easy-to-read textual content, available thesaurus, precious index, and exciting evidence paintings together with the energetic photos and attractive lab job to interact readers from starting to end!

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Rachelle Cracchiolo began the corporate with a pal and fellow instructor. either have been desirous to percentage their principles and keenness for schooling with different school room leaders. What begun as a pastime, promoting lesson plans to neighborhood shops, grew to become a part-time task after an entire day of training, and finally blossomed into instructor Created fabrics. the tale endured in 2004 with the release of Shell schooling and the creation assets and lecture room software books designed to help instructor Created fabrics curriculum assets. this day, instructor Created fabrics and Shell schooling are of the main well-known names in academic publishing around the globe.

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In steep, narrow valleys and gorges, there is nowhere for the water to go, so it gushes downhill Ð very quickly. Evacuation Sometimes cities, towns, and villages are so badly hit by flooding that people have to be evacuated (taken away) from the area. The risk of landslides, drowning, and diseases means that it is simply too dangerous to stay there. Trained rescue workers help people to get away safely. 38 Here comes the rain... In periods of heavy rainfall, the ground gets completely soaked with water.

In periods of heavy rainfall, the ground gets completely soaked with water. This forces lots of rainfall to flow overground Ð directly into rivers and streams, which may then overflow. Defenses In areas where floods regularly occur, engineers work on ways to prevent rivers from bursting their banks. Sandbag barriers are only a temporary defense, so rivers often need to be adapted so that they can hold the extra water. Dried out A long period of dry weather, with much less rainfall than usual for the time of year (or none at all), is called a drought.

Irrigation the adding of extra water to plants and farmland, often using freshwater from rivers and reservoirs. Larva an early stage in the life of some animals, after birth or hatching, when the young animal looks very different from a fullydeveloped adult. Loch this Scottish word is another name for a lake, or a large area of seawater enclosed by land (but not on all sides). Meander the name for a gentle curve or sharp bend in the course of a river (in its middle stages). Migration the name for the way animals travel long distances to a new home at certain times of the Oxbow lake a cut-off loop of water, formed when a river meander gets so big Ð and the water wears away at the land so much Ð that it becomes a separate lake beside the main river course.

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