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In chapter 2, I will argue that all mutations, regardless of how phonetically irregular they seem to be, can be analyzed as autosegmental, and in chapter 3 I will argue that all harmonies, even those which were previously treated as metrical, can be analyzed autosegmentally as well. In chapter 4, I will argue that the theory proposed here will also allow us to dispense with costly association and metathesis rules that have been proposed for tone systems. The result will be an overall simplification in the grammar.

Le livre est illustré. [ egede igidilögödöstregede] In Ge-De, the syllables gVdV are inserted between the nucleus and the coda of every syllable. The original vowel of the syllable then spreads. That the extra syllables go between the nucleus and the coda can be seen in a word like format, whose first syllable is closed; the Ge-De equivalent for format is [fogodormagada]. This sort of game can easily be represented if we assume that French has separate melody and skeleton tiers as illustrated in (28b).

5. 3 Projections It has remained implicit in much of previous autosegmental theory that the phonology of each language must contain some statement of the tiers to be projected and of the distribution of distinctive features among tiers. But such statements are rarely given explicitly. Nor are the principles governing such statements made explicit in many works on autosegmental theory. In this section I will try to address a number of issues surrounding the projection of features onto tiers. 1, I will consider whether any tiers are universal and will propose an unmarked distribution of features onto tiers.

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