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7 Min gate current required to trioger an SCR Gate characteristics. ,t---- Max permiss1ble gate current 21 THYRISTORS forward characteristics, and curves OP and OQ correspond to the possible spread of the characteristics for SCRs of the same rating. For best results, the operating point S, which may change from S 1 to S 2, must be as close as possible to the permissible Pv. curve and must be contained within the maximum and minimum limits of gate voltage and gate current. This will provide the necessary hard drive for the device.

The surge current rating is inversely proportional to the duration of the surge which is measured in terms of the cycles of normal power frequency. For example, a five-cycle surge corresponds to a period of 100 msec consisting of five conducting half-cycles, each followed by an off-period. For durations less than one cycle, the corresponding ratings are called subcycle surge ratings. Surge current ratings are to be properly coordinated with the operating time for fuses and circuit breakers which are provided in series with the SCR for its protection.

Power control can also be achieved by using what is known as on-of! control. Here, the supply is given to the load for some time, called the on-time, and is cut off during the off-time. By controlling the on-time and off-time durations, power control is obtained. The circuit for this type of control is shown enclosed THYRISTORS 27 by dashed lines in Fig. 10a. A fixed value for R is used. A saturablecore reactor is shown as T1 in Fig. 10a. The negative current through the primary winding of T1 is prevented by diode D2.

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