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Little ones will love studying all in regards to the human physique during this unique publication that units bodies within the context of the animal country. each one part examines a particular zone of the human physique - our eyes, our nostril, our dermis -explains what it is for, after which compares it with the physique elements of different animals. the dimensions of our mind, the power of our eyesight, and our skill to speak are all checked out in the course of the lens of the animal state as an entire. via the our bodies of alternative animals we are going to achieve a greater figuring out of our personal!

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Like most mammals, we give birth to our young. Many other animals start a family by laying eggs. Human babies ! e M times e m o ans s al Hum e identic v ha . twins Humans usually give birth to one baby at a time. A baby stays close to its mother for the first few years of its life. Animal babies Human babies take about a year to learn how to walk on their own. Many types of animal have much bigger families than humans, and their babies often grow up faster. A baby antelope learns to walk a few hours after being born.

Carnivore—an animal that eats meat. Gills—the parts of a fish that let it breathe in water. Herbivore—an animal that eats plants and no meat. Hibernation—to spend the winter months in a deep sleep. Invertebrate—an animal with no backbone, for example, insects, such as butterflies. Mammal—a warm-blooded animal that is covered in fur or hair, breathes with its lungs, and feeds its young on milk. Nerves—strands that connect the brain to various parts of the body. Omnivore—an animal that eats meat and vegetables.

This helps it triple its weight in just nine days. Foals are the opposite of humans—they are born with long legs. 38 A butterfly grows through four stages as it develops. It starts life as an egg. A caterpillar hatches from the egg. At this stage, it has no wings. Animal ! Baby emp eror an blue and w gelfish are hite have yellow ; adults stripes. A cocoon, or chrysalis, is spun by the caterpillar. Inside, the caterpillar’s body changes shape. A butterfly eventually appears out of the cocoon. Its wings unfurl, ready to...

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