By Lynn Van Gorp

Antoine Lavoisier has been known as the founding father of smooth chemistry. The French scientist is so much remembered for constructing the medical procedure, that is a cautious, step by step approach for proving or disproving anything.

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O. com Historic buildings, exhibits, and dioramas featuring mining equipment and memorabilia, Caspian mine head frame, Lee LeBlanc wildlife art gallery. CHELSEA Gerald E. , Chelsea 734-475-3170 Interpretive exhibits of rocks, minerals and fossils. Many hands-on geology displays as well as outdoor trails including the Rock Walkway. The Geologic Arts Fair is held in the fall. O. Box 71, Copper Harbor 906-289-4215 Interpretive exhibits and programs depicting military and local lifestyles in the mid1800's, including copper mining history; some minerals.

Mountain or landform created when molten lava erupts onto the surface. Places to Learn More about Michigan’s Rocks and Fossils Always call ahead to check the times that these exhibits and parks are open and to ask if there is an admission fee. , Albion 517-629-0486 or 517-629-1000 Displays of minerals, rocks, fossils, maps, seismograph, and analytical lab. edu Exhibits relating to fossils, minerals, geology, paleontology, and the natural sciences. BATTLE CREEK Kingman Museum of Natural History Mineral and fossil exhibit.

Smaller part or “arm” of a larger glacier. Limestone. Sedimentary rock formed in ocean environments. Megascopic. Large enough to be seen without a microscope. Mesozoic. Geologic time period from about 248 to 65 million years ago. Metamorphic. Type of rock formed from heating up and squashing other rocks. Michigan Basin. The bowl-shaped geologic structure that describes the Great Lakes region. Tectonic Plates. Huge slabs of rock that fit together like pieces of a jigsaw puzzle, forming the outer solid layer of the earth.

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