By Lee Ki-ho, Christopher J. Dyka

This tale specializes in an organization whose in simple terms function is to provide apologies—for a fee—on behalf of its consumers. This possible insignificant carrier leads us into an exam of sin, guilt, and the usually irrational calls for of society. A kaleidoscope of sweet sixteen nuisances and significant grievances, this novel heralds a brand new comedian voice in Korean letters.

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Si-bong and I stood there at attention and, staring up at the ceiling, made our own moaning noises for some time. The caretakers laughed as they listened to us. Then they slapped us lightly on the cheek a few times. Just as they were about to leave, Si-bong made a voice imitating those of the caretakers. ” As soon as he said that, the caretakers took to our throats. ” Once, after a full week of constantly thinking of new wrongs to confess, neither Si-bong nor I could come up with anything more and had nothing left to say.

When all of the elementary students flooded out of school toward the arcade, we followed them, matching their stride. We even once followed police officers making their rounds, and were eventually asked to show our IDs. We weren’t carrying any. Si-yeon came out of the house and for a long time was explaining something to the police officers for us. Once the police officers left, Si-yeon looked at us and let out a long sigh. We didn’t say anything to her, and that was on account of not really having much to say.

But . . ” As soon as I asked that, the shorter one answered right away. “Because of all the residents, you two are the ones who know the most about wrongs. ” “But, I don’t know if we’re . ” As soon as I’d gotten that far, the taller one’s fist came flying at my face. “Jesus Christ! If we tell you to do something, just do it! ” And that’s how, without talking, we became the head residents. That was when we started to become busy. And that was on account of there being many residents, and there being just as many wrongs to match.

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