By Marcos V. Goycoolea, Michael M. Paparella, Rick L. Nissen

E-book by way of Goycoolea, Marcos V., Paparella, Michael M., Nissen, Rick L.

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Visualize w h a t remove prosthesis of the incus. stainless steel Try to wire make and a longer Gelfoam to e x t e n d from the m a l l e u s to the oval w i n d o w (Fig. 52 9 ) . U s e t h e i n c u s t o m a k e a strut for u s e b e t w e e n the malleus and the stapes. Section the short process o f t h e i n c u s a n d drill a n a c e t a b u l u m o v e r t h e b o d y s o t h a t i t w i l l fit u n d e r t h e m a l l e u s . U s e a s m a l l g r a f t to cover the oval w i n d o w . At this point, with the use of a curet or very small bur, c u r e t o r drill the attic in order to perform an atticotomy.

Position it 5-15C D). Ossiculoplasty (Incus Procedures) Intact Bridge Mastoidectomy (IBM), Modified Radical Mastoidectomy, and Radical Mastoidectomy B Aim Restoration of ossicular chain continuity (in this case, where incus problems are the cause of the loss). FIGURI: s-14 Aims Exteriorization of the disease process within the epitympanum, antrum, and mastoid to the meatus. 64 Surgical Procedures Surgical Procedures 65 Surgical Procedures The IBM is a version of modified radical mastoidectomy with bridge preservation, allowing tympanoplasty repairs.

5 - 2 1 4 ) i n c l u d e s cell t r a c t s superior, posterior, and inferior to the s e m i c i r c u l a r c a n a l s ; the a n t e r i o r g r o u p (Fig. tracts in the superomedial aspect of the eustachian tube'orifice, w h e r e the carotid artery is located. o r d e r to Complete removal of the semicircular canals and soft t i s s u e of t h e v e s t i b u l e 5 - 2 1 6 ) i n c l u d e s cell reach t h e s e a n t e r i o r cell tracts, a In radical mastoidectomy (described above) must be done.

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