By Dana Desonie

Для детей от 12-ти лет
Students know about the possibility to the Earths biosphere and to biodiversity because of human actions equivalent to toxins, worldwide warming and chemical use, and what equipment are getting used and constructed to assist reduce the impression at the setting and animals. contains full-color pictures and illustrations, sidebars, word list, study assets, writer profile and index.

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Some capture their prey with organs that light up like lures. A few have gaping mouths with jaws that unhinge to enable them to eat larger fish. To keep prey from escaping their hungry mouths, some predators have large, ­backward-­folding ­teeth. Primary productivity at hydrothermal vent communities is by che-­ mosynthesis. Some animals live symbiotically with the chemosynthetic bacteria. Symbiosis is a relationship between two species of organ-­ isms in which both benefit and neither is harmed.

Most have two pairs of appendages: fins, limbs, or wings. Fish, amphibians, and reptiles are ectotherms, with body temperatures the same as the surrounding environment. These ­“cold-­blooded” animals are adapted to a specific range of temperatures: Tropical fish and most reptiles live only in warm climates, while amphibians and ­cold-­water fish live in cooler climates. Birds and mammals are endotherms. 25 26 biosphere These ­“warm-­blooded” animals keep their body temperatures nearly constant, independent of the temperature of their surroundings.

With more fuel, the fire travels up the tree trunks, damaging leaves and wood. An intense fire may even burn the organic portion of the topsoil, making recovery of the ecosystem difficult. In many regions, forest management strategies include controlled burning to keep down the accumulation of fuel. Earth’s Ecosystems The world’s biomes encompass all of the similar ecosystems that are found in regions with similar climate conditions. Only the major biomes are shown in this ­diagram. Desert Deserts cover up to ­one-­third of the planet’s land surface.

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