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Aureus, being evident in their inhibition halos, while the extract of P. , 2010). The following table shows some examples of bacterial strains with bioactivity and the sources where they were obtained. It is possible to appreciate the diseases that can be fought utilizing the secondary metabolites from different types of bacteria. This emphasizes the importance of microorganisms as an ideal source of bioactive compounds. Anticancer Antibacterial (siderofore) + + + - Bacillus sp. , 1966 Bibliography 32 Biotechnology - Molecular Studies and Novel Applications for Improved Quality of Human Life Table 1.

Aureus (Kandhasamy & Arunachalam, 2008). In a work done in the Iberian Peninsula with 82 marine algae (18 Chlorophyceae, 25 Phaeophyceae and 39 Rhodophyceae) the antibacterial and antifungal activity was analyzed to evaluate their application as natural preservatives for the cosmetic industry. The raw extracts of every taxon, prepared from fresh material as well as from lyophilized one, proved to have the opposite effect on three Gram positive bacteria, two Gram negative bacteria and yeast, by means of the agar diffusion technique.

Methodological improvements studies based on the characterization of the extracellular polymeric substance produced by marine microorganisms and a better understanding of host-microbe interactions, should be us to provide further insight into the adaptive strategies against microbial pathogens and establish the extent to which secondary metabolites regulate microbial interactions. The new soft ionization methods: Matrix-Assisted Laser Desorption Ionization (MALDI) and Electrospray Ionization (EI) are the recent approach used in a variety of new and innovative Mass Spectrometric (MS) applications.

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