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The friction of the wheels against the rails results in the loss of potential energy, causing the train to eventually stop. When the wagon reaches the highest point of the roller coaster, it has a great deal of potential energy. Force of Gravity in Action Most of the motion in a roller-coaster ride is a response to the Earth's gravitational pull. No engines are mounted on the cars. After the train reaches the top of the first slope—the highest point on the ride— the train rolls downhill and gains speed under the Earth's gravitational pull.

They wed technology to basic and seemingly incompatible emotions, such as panic, courage, fear, joy, vertigo, and amusement. Built as if to exclusively prove Newton's theories, the science of roller coasters abounds with all his terminology: acceleration, mass, gravity, movement, and inertia. But in all this, what is really thrilling is the free fall, the attraction of the abyss. T 2 POTENTIAL ENERGY is the stored energy. GRAVITY is the mutual attraction between two objects that have mass. MECHANICAL ENERGY At a certain point in the trajectory, both energies (potential and kinetic) cancel each other out.

The first motorcycles were used for mail distribution. Special motorcycles were then manufactured for urban environments, racing, and tourism. Models with even faster and more powerful engines were also invented for those looking for extreme experiences on two wheels. T This model is one of the most versatile; it adjusts to mountain paths as well as to roads. Equipped with electronic innovations and a powerful engine, it is comfortable and can even carry loads. miles per hour (220 km/h) km/h ENGINE Two-cylinder, four-stroke engine CONTROL PANEL is digital and has a liquid quartz display with an odometer, a clock, and a fuel gauge.

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