By Sangharakshita

The writer tells of 5 incidents from the Buddha's lifestyles and displays on their value: the Buddha's fight for Enlightenment, his first conversation of the Enlightenment to others, his reluctance to confess girls into his Order, his come upon with a monk with dysentery and his ultimate passing away into parinirvana.

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Why did they take the particular form that they did? And what are we to make of Mahaprajapati’s response to them? Before looking at the rules, however, we must briefly examine Mahaprajapati’s behaviour after the Buddha’s initial refusal. As we have seen, she gets her hair cut off, dons the saffron robes, and sets off for Vaisali with a number of Shakyan women. Finally, she stands outside the porch of the Hall of the Peaked Gable. In doing all this, she seems to be trying to force the Buddha’s hand.

So often we jump to conclusions; we assume that someone is guilty before we have ascertained all the facts. When we don’t get a reply to a letter we assume that the person to whom we have written has not replied and conclude that he is not being a good friend. We then write a second, angry, letter. But surely we should first ascertain that our friend did actually receive the letter. And we should make sure that he has not in fact replied. Only then should we adopt whatever course seems appropriate.

Everything is impermanent; there is nothing that is not. We see the leaves fall and the flowers fade; everything is impermanent. But the most vivid and the most powerful form in which we encounter impermanence is in death, the dissolution of the physical body – especially in the death of someone near and dear to us. Buddhism offers a number of practices which are intended to remind us of death, to remind us that, inasmuch as the physical body was ‘put’ together, one day it is going to fall apart.

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