By Susan Lowe

This ebook goals to aid freshmen of commercial English to enhance the vocabulary and grammar had to perform enterprise successfully. The content material and examples are updated and intensely appropriate to a person operating or making plans to paintings internationally.
The e-book is designed for college students at pre-intermediate or intermediate point of English and will be utilized in category or for self-study.

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Y J1l~}](J) ~-1~3(J) c< m< ... , for ... continuity class (real) analytical nature a certain degree, a certain extent regular property assumption, supposition, hypothesis satisfaction to find (out), to discover partial differential equation partial derivative equality generic name, general term this item, article, section below, no greater than, less than or equal to a character in a written language to omit (we) have decided to ... t~/ ... QNll v/'/7t-1 -:t-::z. QT-1 ~ iEj{lja9ttJt t-1'J7T:t-t-1~~ f&~ ~JE.

Sometimes ... lO) ... C G~t-)'1: ordinary~ common.. normal ~~R \\·ithout doing ... functional scale §~ ~e~gradations~graduation -:J~t ~ to attach~ to affix.. to append log paper probability paper stochastic paper convenience for the sake of .... for the purpose of ... to fit.. to suit. to be suitable made in order to ..... made for the purpose of ... W A-1';-1'~ ~:,;:¥ ... I) jfj9~ ... :. T t/-t/~/-V wide single- valued function many-valuedlmultivalued function specialized field/discipline v:f-~ ~~ ...

A T~ -;1=::1. r) I) ... J:~t9-Q ... --e1:¥3 J: tla It) a~ fiflO) ~L,lt) J:t>J:lt~ 3" 1]0/ It\-;t;-QL,(,,) :¥3'7t:f- ~M ... O)l--:J ... Q)'(}C:J ~JjJIJ1! :I. *fjit 3? T-1t:/ Ii'! , for ... transient response characteristics classical automatic control theory remarkable, considerable, striking accomplishment, achievement one of ... criterion frequency domain Nyquist locus fundamental, basic to differ World War II almost. g /\'Y ~-1 ilI ~$fJ~Jlf! ~ 3 T tJ: =t:/~+-1t-1:¥3 __li9tJ: =t: '7-1 =t: rm< imm 'Y'7Y/ f4~ ~Ji /\'YT/ %i< JJ::< W1JiWl m~tJ: ~B~tJ: Y7=t: :/3'7$'7tJjJ7 :;::L '7 3 '7 tJ: :J /=~T=t:tJ: ijl~O) 7/~-10) ~*3tJ: ~~-1tJ: OG< tJjJ7 f1lmf4~ 1& l] fJltr ~ Jlf!

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