By Diane Lindsey Reeves

The mathematical and finance box could be a very profitable one, with jobs starting from bankers to attorneys to city planners, and extra. What does it take to pursue a profession in math and funds? This ebook is helping youngsters establish their character qualities and courses them on how top to use the talents to careers within the mathematical or monetary box.

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Org GET ACQUAINTED B. LaRae Orullian, Banker C A R E E R PAT H Childhood Aspiration: To be a math or gym teacher. First Job: Picking strawberries for 5¢ a cup and cherries for 3¢ a pound when she was a young girl. Current Job: Vice chair, board of directors, Guaranty Bank and board member of several other corporations. 50 E A TRIP! TAK Banker A LONG WAY UP LaRae Orullian began her climb to become the first female president of a bank from the bottom rung of the banking career ladder. Her first official title at a bank in Utah was messenger girl, and her duties ranged from delivering mail to running errands at the region’s federal reserve bank.

Make a chart with 15 columns to record what you discover about each of the gang’s destinations.

Go back and count the Xs marked for each interest area. ” 3. Find the interest area with the highest total and put a number one in the “Rank” blank of that box. Repeat this process for the next two highest scoring areas. Rank the second highest as number two and the third highest as number three. 4. If you have more than three strong areas, choose the three that are most important and interesting to you. Remember: If this book does not belong to you, write your responses on a separate sheet of paper.

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